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Deh Shiva bur mohe ehai, Shub kurmun eh kubhu na taroon.

God grant me such a blessing, So that I do not refrain from doing righteous deeds.

Na daroon aur soun jub jayea laroon, Nischay kur aapnee jeet karron

I go into battlefield without any fear, and certainly without doubt, I obtain victory.

Ar Sikh hao aapnay he mun ko, Eh laaluch hou goon tau uchroon

And as a Disciple of the Lord I pray in my mind and ask for a virtuous gift.

Jub aav ki audh nidaan bnay, Ath he runn main tub joojh maroun

That when my last moment of life comes I die in the battlefield fighting for a righteous cause.

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