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What is Soul?
Wondrous and beautiful is the description of the beauty of the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Lord God. He is not old; He is not young. He is not in pain; He is not caught in Death's noose. He does not die; He does not go away. In the beginning, and throughout the ages, He is permeating everywhere. He is not hot; He is not cold. He has no enemy; He has no friend. He is not happy; He is not sad. Everything belongs to Him; He can do anything. He has no father; He has no mother. He is beyond the beyond, and has always been so. He is not affected by virtue or vice. Deep within each and every heart, He is always awake and aware.  From the three qualities, the one mechanism of Maya was produced. The great Maya is only His shadow. He is un deceivable, impenetrable, unfathomable and merciful. He is merciful to the meek, forever compassionate. His state and limits cannot ever be known. Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to Him.  [ SGGS Page 868 ]
The soul is divine; divine is the soul. [SGGS Page 1325 ]

What is Mind?
The mind is Maya, the mind is a chaser; the mind is a bird flying across the sky. The thieves are overpowered by the Shabad, and then the body-village prospers and celebrates. Lord, when You save someone, he is saved; his capital is safe and sound. Such is my Treasure, the Jewel of the Naam; please bless me with the Guru's Teachings, so that I may fall at Your Feet.The mind is a Yogi, the mind is a pleasure-seeker; the mind is foolish and ignorant. The mind is the giver, the mind is the beggar; the mind is the Great Guru, the Creator. The five thieves are conquered, and peace is attained; such is the contemplative wisdom of God.  The One Lord is said to be in each and every heart, but no one can see Him. The false are cast upside-down into the womb of reincarnation; without the Name, they lose their honour. Those whom You unite, remain united, if it is Your Will. God does not ask about social class or birth; you must find your true home. That is your social class and that is your status - the karma of what you have done. [ SGGS Page 1330 ]

What is Body?
The union of air, water and fire - the body is the play-thing of the fickle and unsteady intellect. It has nine doors, and then there is the Tenth Gate. Reflect upon this and understand it, O wise one.The Lord is the One who speaks, teaches and listens. One who contemplates his own self is truly wise. The body is dust; the wind speaks through it. Understand, O wise one, who has died. Awareness, conflict and ego have died, but the One who sees does not die.  For the sake of it, you journey to sacred shrines and holy rivers; but this priceless jewel is within your own heart. The Pandits, the religious scholars, read and read endlessly; they stir up
arguments and controversies, but they do not know the secret deep within. I have not died - that evil nature within me has died. The One who is pervading everywhere does not die. Says Nanak, the Guru has revealed God to me, and now I see that there is no such thing as birth or death. [ SGGS Page 152 ]
O my body, the Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world. The Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world. The Lord Himself is your mother, and He Himself is your father; He created the created beings, and revealed the world to them. By Guru's Grace, some understand, and then it's a show; it seems like just a show. Says Nanak, He laid the foundation of the Universe, and infused His Light, and then you came into the world. [ SGGS Page 921 ]

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